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Introduction to the Numeracy Skills Test Website

The Numeracy Skills Test is what prospective teachers have to pass in order to gain qualified teacher status. In order to pass the professional QTS Maths exam many candidates look for revision materials and resources to help them to pass. Well at Numeracy Skills Tests we are all about helping you to find the best numeracy skills test resources to help you pass your QTS numeracy skills exam. We hope that you find the following information useful, any suggestions for how we can improve it please contact us.

At Numeracy Skills Tests we recommend Trigonometry Revision. We also recommend a Numerical Reasoning Tutor if you are practising for you KPMG numerical reasoning testAs well as that we provide access to the very best professional QTS Skills Test resources.

Numeracy skills tutors in Numeracy Skills

First we will start with our Frequently Asked Questions:

Who has to pass the numeracy skills test?

Any person who wants to train and become a teacher in England must pass both their numeracy and literacy skills tests in order to do so. If you have trained in another part of the UK then you will not require it in order to teach in England but if you want to be accepted by a teacher training provider then you must pass both skills tests.

What does the professional numeracy skills test contain?

The numeracy skills test set by learndirect contain two sections totalling 28 questions in all. The first is the mental arithmetic section that many struggle with; this is composed of 12 questions. The second is the written section which is made up of 16 questions. Practising the mental arithmetic section is key to helping you speed up through this section as prospective teachers report timing as being their main concern. To practise mental arithmetic questions for the numeracy skills test, visit QTS Maths Tutor.

What is the QTS numeracy skills test pass rate?

There isn’t a fixed pass mark for the numeracy skills test; however it is reported by many that 18 out of the 28 questions is the benchmark to be achieved.

What resources are there for the numeracy skills test?

There are many different resources that you can look to use to help you pass the numeracy skills test. We have researched many from QTS Maths Tutor, to Numeracy Ready, to the different selection of books you can buy and below is our findings:

1. Numeracy Skills Practice Tests:

The government’s professional numeracy skills practice tests are the best place to start but these only offer 4 tests which often isn’t enough for people. However, there are a number of providers of numeracy skills practice tests including numeracy ready logins, QTS numeracy tests and QTS Maths Tutor. All of the numeracy skills practice tests have their pro’s and con’s but only QTS Maths Tutor offer online interactive tests with answer submission and enable you to practice the tests as many times as you like and for these reasons it is our top pick for numeracy skills test tutors.

2. Model Solutions:

Many prospective teachers like to work through the numeracy skills tests on the government’s STA site as they are great practice. There are a number of video’s on YouTube which provide model solutions for the governments’ numeracy skills tests. These videos are good at explaining how to do all of the different question types and what methods to use. However you obviously can’t interrupt a video to ask a questions which leads on to point 3….

3. Numeracy Skills Test Tutor:

Again, like the numeracy skills test providers there are a number of agencies and numeracy skills tutors to choose from. There are established agencies such as Adrian Beckett, QTS Maths Tutor, and Owl Tutors, and there are less experienced tutors on First Tutors and Tutor Hunt who do not necessarily have specialist experience of the numeracy skills test. The other factor to consider when selecting a numeracy skills tutor is cost and flexibility. Agencies such as Adrian Beckett tutors appear to charge more than many others and in some cases tie you in to 10 lessons in order to achieve a cheaper rate. Again for a number of reasons our top pick for numeracy skills test tuition would be QTS Maths Tutor as they are the only site to offer both numeracy skills tests and tuition under one roof, they are also competitively priced and are have an excellent TrustPilot score.

4. Other Revision Materials:

There are other revision materials you can use for the numeracy skills test including books which you can purchase on ebay and Amazon to help you become numeracy ready.

Are there any discounts for the Numeracy Skills Test revision materials?

QTS Maths Tutor offer a discounted sign up to their tests and a 100% money back guarantee on your first lesson with one of their numeracy skills tutors. Numeracy Ready Logins and numeracy ready discounts can be accessed through visiting the numeracy ready discount page.

Who are QTS Maths Tutor, Numeracy Ready and G&A Numerical Educadium?

These are all practice test websites. Numeracy Ready are the most established but have the oldest set of tests and are least like the real exam in that they do not offer online answer submission. G&A Numerical Educadium offer practice numeracy skills tests in a similar format to the real exam but they only offer 10 tests and are by far the most expensive of all the qts numeracy test providers. QTS Maths Tutor offer the best value for money with 21 tests being offered for £19.99 and a 3 month membership with tests you can take as many times as you like.

What Topics come up in the numeracy skills test?

At Numeracy Skills we endeavour to keep our QTS Maths info up to date, so whether it is the numeracy skills pass mark you are interested in or topic changes to the test then we will let you know about it. The following are topics and explanations of what comes in the professional numeracy skills tests set by learndirect:

Experienced and qualified GCSE Maths tutors in Leeds can also be accessed through Maths Made Easy.

Maths and Science Revision Resources

At Numeracy Skills we want to help our students become numeracy ready. Whether you are looking for practice tests from G and A Numerical or you need a numeracy skills tutor then we can help.

Numeracy Skills FAQs

How do I book a Maths tutor in Numeracy Skills? 
It is simple, just give us a call or email and we will use the information you provide to match you with a suitable Maths tutor in Leeds.


How do I book a GCSE Maths tutor in Numeracy Skills? 
It is easy, just give us an email or a call and we will match your child the most suitable tutor for their needs.


Are your GCSE Maths tutors qualified? 
Yes our GCSE Maths tutors must be qualified.


Do all of your Maths tutors in Numeracy Skills have experience? 
Yes, in order to work for Numeracy Skills all tutors must be experience.


I want to book a tutor in Numeracy Skills, how do I do this?
It is easy, just give Numeracy Skills a call and we will ensure your child is placed with the most appropriate tutor for their needs.


Do all of your Maths tutors in Numeracy Skills have experience? 
Yes, all tutors must be experienced in order to work for Leeds Tutor Company.


Do the Maths tutors set homework? 
Yes homework will be set to help accelerate learning and reinforce what has been covered in the lesson. In some circumstances where parents requests it, homework may not be set.


Do all your Numeracy Skills tutors get to there lessons on time?
Yes, all tutors must get to there lessons on time.


Do you recommend any other maths resources?
Yes, we recommend the Nudge Maths App.

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